Guacamole Should Never Me "Creamy."

It's a "Human Weekend" for me this weekend. The Husband, Human, is down visiting.  We were originally going to go out this weekend to Harry Chip's for a lovely dinner... But...

Then I realized I would have to get all "fancy dressed" to go there.  And it's Summer and hot here. So that wasn't going to happen.

Instead, we went to a Mexican restaurant I have been interested in trying for a while, Crema. It's right around the corner (a few blocks down) from where I live here in the Big Apple. And I was craving a margarita and guacamole.

It is a cozy space. Very warm and tucked away on 17th Street.  We were relegated to a pretty good table and given our lists for ordering. I went with a Pineapple-Jalapeno Margarita. The Husband went with a Mojito.

"Oh! And we'd love to share some guacamole," I said to the server.

Our drinks arrived quickly and were strong. The guacamole arrived even more quickly.  Like a minute after we ordered it. The server set it down in front of us.

"This likely isn't going to be good," I said to The Husband. He nodded.

The guacamole, for starters, was served in a small bowl. In addition to this, it had a "creamy" appearance. As if it were some kind of "dip."

The Husband and I eyed it. I was the brave one, and tried it first. But in reality, I am the professional when it comes to guacamole recipes. So he trusts my opinion and expects me to tell him that it's "safe" to go in.

I tasted the edge of the chip that I had dipped into the creamy green-ness. I was punched in the face by the flavor of lime.

I made a "pucker" face.

"Too much lime," I said. "And there are no tomatoes or 'chunkiness' in this."

"Yeah," said The Husband, having dipped his own chip into it. "Guacamole needs to be chunky."

I deduced, by what I had tasted and by how quickly it was served after ordering, that the guacamole was pre-made... And not "made to order" as it always should be.

Guacamole is the easiest thing in the world to make. (You can find the World's Easiest & Best Guacamole Recipe here.)  It should never be made before someone orders it or too long before you eat it.

The over-powering lime flavor of the guacamole was a clear indication that it had been made well-before we had ordered it, and lots of lime juice had been added to keep it "fresh" and prevent it from "browning" due to oxidation.

The rest of our meal was absolutely lovely. And the Crema is very much worth a return visit.  The bar area seems like a fun place for cocktails. 

But the guacamole? Pass on it. Don't waste your time.