He Probably Just Wants To Wear Them Himself.

Did you read this story about the ex-husband who has now decided that he wants a piece of his wife's "shoe investment" AFTER their divorce has been finalized?

I'm calling BS.

Don't get me wrong. I am a firm believer in a full representation of all assets accrued in the marriage, and an equal division of those assets.  However...

"You snooze, you lose, buddy." If you didn't voice during mediation that these should be included, you miss out.

Sounds like the wife was always vocal about her "shoe investment." So it would be very difficult to show that he didn't know it existed. Which means, in my opinion, he can't lay claim to them NOW.

Not that we have any plans for divorce, my husband has already verbally agreed to never go after me for my "shoe investment."  But to be fair... I do not have an extensive collection of shoes. (Believe it, people!)

Oh I don't hesitate to allow my craving for a pricey pair to take over and push me to purchase. But I wear every single pair. And I wear them out.


This pair right here... I have had them re-cobbled TWICE in seven years.

So The Husband really wouldn't want to try to go after them. The resell value isn't there.