Pet Peeve: Desks Up Against Walls.

Thing you may not realize about me: I am a bit OCD.

There are certain things that just absolutely bug the shit out of me. And one of the biggest is having your desk up against a wall.

Like this...

I know. Seems pretty "normal" to you, right? Well it bothers the crap out of me. It may be a "Feng Shui" thing, I guess. But I feel like you are blocking your energy when facing a wall.  This is why I hate cubicles. And, I actually hate offices too. There is too much segregation and blocking of the energy flow.

In my opinion, the businesses that function the best are those where the environment is open, the light and air is flowing, and everyone can move around easily to collaborate.

Which is why in my apartment I have my desk as such...

Right behind my couch... Facing the TV and looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows.

I find this set-up more open to ideas and able to keep connected with the world outside.

Sitting facing a wall is absolutely dreadful. And I won't allow it for me personally. If only, though, I could find a way to make it possible to have it the same way for my team at work. They sit in god-awful cubicles. 

I get so angry when I see them.  It's as though it's the 1990s. Ugh.