Scheduling - I've Gone "Retro."

I have been using "electronic" organizers for about four years. In 2008, I got an iTouch from the Apple Store, and immediately switched to using it as my daily planner. Then three years ago, I finally got the iPhone.  And my world was revolutionized with 3G.  I swore I would never go back to being a commoner with phones and organizers.

Well, now I have changed my mind.

Yes. I have reverted back to a simple planner in which I write all my non-work appointments.


Well, I really don't want every part of my schedule accessible to those I work with.  I have already shared my calendar in Outlook with them. So I really don't want to take it back. But I also don't want to write all the personal things that I need to remind myself to do in it, or the things I need to track for personal health. 

Like what?

Um... Okay. Like:
  • Juice Fast - Remember to pick up beets!
  • 6am Barry's Bootcamp
  • 7:30am Blowout at Drybar
  • 2pm Gyno Appointment
  • Ovulation Day (Left-side Pain)
  • Menstrual Cycle start
  • 5:30pm Eyebrow waxing at Brow Bar
Really... Do people I work with want to know all of that?

Plus, I like writing things down, and then checking them off. You don't get to do that with your schedule on an iPhone.

I also find that keeping everything electronically makes it too easy for me skip out or "delete" something. When I write things down, I tend to actually follow the order.