Short List Of Reasons To Live: Father's Day 2012.

Happy Papa's Day to you! Even if you're not a father... And happen to be female.

I just arrived back into NYC from a few days in Boston.  Had a wonderful time. As soon as I got to the city, I was able to relax for once in a very long time.

Perhaps Boston is my next great lover, after The Husband? Maybe I'll start to cheat on NYC with Boston a little more?


It's a new week starting tomorrow (as I prefer my weeks run Monday through Sunday), and that means it is time to put together a new list of things to look forward to.  So here is this week's Short List of Reasons to Live:

  • Summer Solstice & Raj. I have booked a personal day on Wednesday to go and participate in the Bikram class Rajashree Choudhury is teaching in Times Square. Thousands of people will be participating. And with temps set to hit the low 90s, it's gonna feel like we're in a studio.
  • Red Visits. The weekend after next my sister and her husband (and the baby in her womb) will be visiting me in NYC. So next weekend I will be cleaning this place like crazy. And trying to come up with a few things I think they need to do while here.
  • Decision. I have had a few decisions I needed to make over the past few weeks. I have made one of them, and will have to act on it this week. Very excited. And feel like a weight has been lifted.
  • Juicing. At some point this week, I am going to try juicing for a day. Just for one day. I know so many people who have juiced for 3 and 5 days at a time... The metal clarity they talk about once they get past day 3 sounds awesome. And I think summertime is the perfect time to juice anyway.

Till next week!