Short List Of Reasons To Live: June 10, 2012.

The Summer Movie season has started. Summer Fridays are here at work. And I find myself craving juices lately.

These are all things to be excited about, in my opinion. But I am still working through some decisions that I mentioned a week ago. So the goal this week is to just focus on the below, and hopefully that will bring about a decision.

So here is my Short List if Reasons to Live for this week:

  • Yoga. Yoga, yoga, yoga. And more yoga. I, unfortunately, can't o every day this week. But will try to get three days in the studio.
  • Boston. Am heading up to Boston for a short trip this week, with The Husband. Hanging with Frogger and Bail. And hitting No. 9 Park for cocktails.

This is it for now. Trying not to overload myself with too may activities, as I want a nice clear mind to do some thinking.