Short List Of Reasons To Live: June 24, 2012.

What a week!!! This past week and this coming week will be very busy. But really just ave to get through tomorrow, and then it should be a "relaxing" kind of busy.

Here is this week's Short List of Reasons to Live:
  • Bye-bye Greys! Hair color appointment Tuesday night... I am trying to be better about regularly scheduling grooming habits.  For example, have now committed to getting a pedicure every two weeks in the Summer.  (I have a tendency to let things fade, chip, scratch, go awry before I will take care of it. I know... I need better habits outside of work!)
  • Red & Her Hubby. My sister and her husband are visiting this week!!! They've never been to NYC.  So I am very excited! 
  • The Husband. In addition to my sister coming out... The Husband is coming over too.  So it'll be a full house this weekend!
  • Breathing Better. I finally got around to making some decisions this past week. So I am feeling much better. Funny enough, when I got around to making them, my vertigo went away. I didn't write about it on here... But I was suffering from some pretty wild vertigo last weekend and in the earlier part of this week.  It was deduced to be related to stress. Which is funny, as I am pretty good with stress.  But it is difficult when... well... I'll just leave it at that. 
Lots to do this week. Going to need all the energy I can muster.  Till next week!