Thinking About... Wall Colors.

Managed to get myself out of the apartment today to run an errand.  I needed to pick up paint color cards from the local Benjamin Moore store.

I am looking to possibly begin redecorating the Toronto home this Fall.  There are a few rooms that need to be painted: our master bathroom, master suite hallway, my office, my bathroom, guest suite and guest suite bathroom.

We also intend to replace the repulsive carpeting in my office and guest suite with the same hardwood flooring that runs throughout the rest of the house.

Why the urge for redecoration? Well, we can relax a little bit now.  And we realize that the former occupants of the house were quite tacky. And three years on, we are dying to change the wall colors and get rid of that awful carpet.

I hate carpeting.

It's find for hotel rooms. But I much prefer hardwood floors with rugs.

Anyways... I found a few colors I liked at the Benjamin Moore. But I am not completely sold on anything particular just yet. This will be fun though.

I love redecorating.