"To Rome With Love" - A Woody Allen "Miss."

I hadn't even heard of this film until a day before it came out this week. And the only reason I did hear about it was because I follow Alec Baldwin on Twitter.

A new Woody Allen film? Taking on another European city???  Vicky Christina Barcelona, Midnight in Paris... Now Rome?

"Count me in!" I said to myself. The trailer looked fantastic...

Oh... But how soon I would realize that the trailer did not provide an accurate sense of what the film was about or would "feel" like.

It was dull.  The scenery was gorgeous. It was beautifully shot. The acting was decent.  But the plot? Nothing tied together.

You "drop in" on the various happenings in a few different people's lives in Rome... But very few of them are anything worth peeping in on.

The best one, by far, was the storyline with Woody Allen's character.  The rest were "meh." Even the one with Alec Baldwin!

To Rome with Love...  I'll take Rome. I'll take love, if I have to. But not from Woody.