Back To Boston.

I leaked this on Facebook last week... And am ready to share it here.

I am moving back to Boston.

Confused? Yes, I just moved to NYC a year ago. And now Boston? Allow me to explain...

I missed Boston.

I decided about three months ago that I am at a point in my life where I want some familiarity in my life. I want to live in a place where my closest friends are. The Husband wants an easier pace when he comes to visit me in the States. I want to get back into my Bikram practice.

And since I am a big believer of taking your life into your own hands and manifesting what you want... I decided to say out loud, "I want to be back in Boston." 

And the opportunity came forward. Then this week, I went to look for an apartment. And the one I really wanted was the one I got. I signed a lease, and it begins in September.  So in a little over a month, I move back to my old South End neighborhood.

Feels like that weight I was writing about all those weeks ago has truly been lifted. And I am starting to see the light of a life beyond work... Which I haven't had in quite a while.