The Glorious Freedom!

The past few years, ever since the pay wall was "built" on the NY Times site, my news reading has been very limited.

Sure, there thousands of news sites out there on the Internet. But only a small handful of what I would consider "quality" ones. And when you see a few putting in place the need for a digital subscription to view content, your choices dwindle down quickly.

Every month, I am meticulous with what I read on the NY Times. I know I only get 10 articles to view for free, per device. So I have my work computer... My home computer... And my iPad. That gets me 30 articles.

So I have been limiting my content viewing on the site to the Styles section, where I am even more selective about which fashion and food articles I actually click on to read. And some months I really ration out what I read, trying to be careful not to hit the wall too soon, but I end up not hitting the limit on any device.

This is what I call "waste." 

"Really now," my inner dialogue told me earlier this week, "It's time to stop being so cheap and shell out the $15 a month for a subscription. You've been known to spend more at Starbucks in a single day. Get real!"

So today I did. I finally got myself a digital subscription.

The weight has been lifted.

I feel so free.

So much content.

I have no limits.

I can do anything.

Even read the Times Magazine!