Have You Discovered Men's Pajamas?

I have. And swoon!

About two months ago, I was flipping through a random LL Bean catalog when I saw some men's pajamas that caught my eye.

"They look so comfy!" I thought,

So I began searching for some that would be appropriate for me. But I wasn't falling in love with any.  And I was worried about the fit.

I am a woman, after all. I do have curves. So I put the idea aside.

"I can just continue to sleep in Lulu's and tank tops," I figured.

But as fate would have it, while lying in my Lulu's and a tank top this weekend while reading the NY Times, I got an email from J. Crew about their Vintage Pajama Set.

Men's-style pajamas cut for women... And not in prissy colors! Score!!! 

They came yesterday and I love them. I feel very glamourous drinking my morning coffee and reading the news while lounging in them.