Short List Of Reasons To Live: Independence Week.

Perhaps I am moving slow... And everything else around me is moving at a normal pace... But I feel like I am busier than ever lately.  Which is sad... As it is Summer. And things are supposed to be more relaxed.

This week, I will only be in the office three days because of the holiday. And I've committed myself to not getting pulled into the office/work emails/conference calls on the slightest whim. This is my Independence Week.

So here is this week's List of Short Reasons to Live:

  • Magic Mike. I did not get to this movie this weekend. (I did see Ted, however.  Completely brilliant!) I intend to this week, since I will have time.
  • Savannah Guthrie. It is no surprise to me that in just a few short years this woman, who I found inspirational as an intern when I worked with her back in the late 90s, is now in one of the top spots at NBC News. Sadly, Ann Curry really wasn't right for the morning show anchor role. She's complete perfection at human interest stories. But the "fluff stuff"? Let's face it, it's 50% of the job on the Today Show. You have to be serious enough to interview heads of state one second, and silly-assed everyday folks/idiot celebrities the next. Savannah was always an easy-going person in the newsroom back in Tucson. So I am looking forward to seeing her each morning at the anchor desk.
  • Location Decision. I won't go into it right now... But I will be making a decision in the next few weeks about where I am going to be living. My options are: NYC (staying put), Boston (back to where this all began!) or Toronto. I have a few things to finalize before I make my decision. Work would take me to Boston. Or work could keep me here in NYC. Retirement would take me to Toronto. 

That's my short list for this week!