You're 35. Stop Being Cheap, Yo.

I am a right cheap bastard.

Well, with some things. Not every thing.

But one of the things I am super cheap with are my utilities. I don't have any extended cable channels in the NYC apartment. And I refuse to turn on the heat in Winter and AC in Summer so that I don't have to pay ridiculous energy bills. So as a result, I layer like mad in the Winter here... And in Summer, I live in tank tops and Bikram shorts while lounging at home.

But that all changes now. At least for the Summertime.

I got my electric bill for mid-June to mid-July today.  Because I had house guests for part of June and the early part of July, I actually turned on the AC. And after they left, I kept it running.

Well, I got my bill today, and was shocked.

It was cheaper than what I pay in the Winter time for heat. It's cheaper than what I would spend on dinner with The Husband.

"You can chill out (hee-hee) and stop being so cheap now," pointed out The Husband.

Yes. I think I will.