I Love Doing My Nails.

Words I never thought I'd write!

Growing up, I was a cheerleader. We weren't allowed to wear nail polish while in uniform - because we all had to be in sync. We also weren't allowed to grow our nails long, as it could be dangerous when stunting. So from a young age, I never paid attention to my nails.

I've never been a nail biter. A nail fidgeter? Yes. I bang my nails around. Tapping on laptop keys... Tabletops... And when you bring my Bikram practice into play, wearing nail polish and trying to grow my nails long just seemed high maintenance and futile.

Then I discovered Shellac last Fall. But I didn't like the cost... Forty bucks every week - because that is how long I could get the manicure to last given my fidgety clumsiness. So I 86-ed getting it done. I didn't want to be spending $160 a month just on my nails.

Then - about three weeks ago - I was at Sephora and found this...

An at-home gel set, just like what they use to do the Shellac!

A UV light, gel base coat, gel top coat, gel color, cuticle pusher and nail cleaner.

Looks high maintenance... I know. And it was time-consuming the first time I used it. But after the second time, I was a pro. I mean, even I can do nails that come out looking respectable...

I love this thing!

It wasn't cheap... About $160. But given that's what I would spend in a month getting Shellacs done, this thing has already paid for itself. And, best of all, if one nail starts to peel and the others aren't, I just redo that one nail! No having to go to a salon OR remove the polish on all the nails and start again!

Another thing: I know some people don't like doing Shellac because of the color removal process....

"The chemicals! And it weakens your nails!"

True. I experienced that at the salon too. But this stuff hasn't been like that at all. If a nail starts to peel, it seems to peel off all in one piece. I haven't even had to use the polish remover that came with the kit. And my nails are actually stronger now.


This product kicks ass.