Stop Frontin'! How Did You REALLY Hear About Us?

I have had a few moving companies in to provide me estimates for my move next month to Boston. And you wouldn't believe how many of them are not proactive and are, in my opinion, flakey.

I am an easy sell when it comes to necessary purchases. I know this move is going to be expensive. But I want a company who is reliable and is timely with booking things. So after getting quotes and meeting with about five different companies, I finally settled on one... Bekins.

They were efficient with the paperwork and getting things booked up for me. And I feel good about them moving my small apartment of things next month. Price was not really a worry for me in this process. I would have been willing to spend almost double what I am. What I really wanted was a company I felt I could trust. The guy who came to give me my estimate made me feel confident. So the decision was super easy.

What wasn't easy?  Telling him how I had heard about Bekins.

What I wanted to be the truth was: "I saw your ads on Google when I looked up 'super awesome moving company.'"

But the truth is: "Um... I know your brand because I have seen Legally Blonde a million times... And yours is the brand Elle Woods uses to move her to Boston. And I have this fantasy that I am just as gorgeous and smart as Elle Woods... And that I too am moving to Boston (Cambridge) to go to Harvard Law. You are helping me live my fantasy."

But as a mid-30s executive, I CAN'T ADMIT THAT! How embarrassing! Right?

I know... I know... I should live by my own words of, "It's none of your business what others think of you. But if they think bad things... Well... They can pretty much go eff themselves anyway."

I seriously need to get comfortable with who I am.