Treatment For Acid Reflux.

Two and a half years ago, during the Bikram 101 challenge, my body suddenly decided that it didn't like certain foods. Anything wheat, dairy, spicy, coffee, acidic...

Essentially, a lot of the stuff I loved. My body decided it really didn't like those things anymore. The main side effect I developed as a result was acid reflux.

I feel it most often during an actual Bikram class. As soon as we start to do poses where I have to bend forward and compress the front side of my body... Doom. I want to puke. Even if I haven't had any water the entire class, my body will tell me, "Yeah... whatever you allowed down your esophagus was complete crap. And now you must pay for it."

I am not one for pills. I will take pills, and medicine, if it is the only option to heal me quickly. But taking a pill every day - or whenever I have symptoms of AR - well... "No thank you." That is great for some. But not for me.  Instead, I feel like I need to change my diet (which I have been horrible at doing - again, I LOVE COFFEE!) or find a more natural treatment.

And I have. Bitters.

I was first introduced to the idea back in 1997. I was bartending at a "cabaret." One of the "dancers" came up to me at the bar and asked for a shot glass of soda water and a few drops of bitters. I gave it to her, and she threw it down her throat.

"What was that for?" I asked. Most "dancers" tried to coerce me into giving them a shot of alcohol. Not a shot of bitters.

"I have heartburn," she said. "It is the only thing that helps me."

I never really thought about it after that. Not until I started having acid reflux myself, 13 years later. And she was correct... It helps. Tremendously.

Now I go out of my way to order drinks at bars that have bitters in them, as alcohol can cause me to have AR after a few mere sips.

But then tragedy struck. I was at a bar recently, ordered a drink, and was told, "Sorry. We're all out of bitters."


If I had known, I would have brought my bottle with me. Even though it would have sucked to lug a bottle around.

However, now I can actually do that. Because while out shopping today, I found these babies...

A travel set of bitters!!!


They were in the wine shop near me in NYC.  And each bottle is small enough to fit into my purse's makeup bag.  So I never have to be without my healing elixir!

Glory be!