Boston Fashion Week: In The Tent.

A busy week it was! But it was my first full week in Boston, and I got to spend some time going out in this city that I love.  Frogger has been excited to have a partner in crime back in the city, she scored me an Editorial pass to one of the shows for Boston Fashion Week.

Thursday night we headed over to the Mandarin Oriental here in Boston and sat through the Nordstrom  show.

It was a small tent. Which meant we had good seats. Here are my favorite shots from the show...

A Vince coat! LOVE!

Wasn't so much a fan of this look... Took this shot because I was ENAMORED by the lipstick some of the models wore... It was scarlet with glitter. I loved it!

So fun!!

Clearly the show was more about showing off trends for this season. Nearly all the pieces that walked down the runway I have seen in stores already. So it was a "Styling Show" and not your typical "Fashion Show." And I wasn't a fan of all the stylings. But there was good stuff. Definitely.