I'm Back, Betchez.

As my BFF tweeted tonight, I'm "Back In Boston! If you're wondering what all the chaos is... It's us. :)"

Indeed, it is!

Been a busy day, and I am exhausted. I was up early to have movers come and pick up my stuff from NYC. Then I dropped off my cable box at my cable company in NYC. And as soon as that was done. I was off to the train station to catch an earlier-than-expected train to Boston.  I was so early, I had time to head to my apartment and unpack a few things I had brought with me. Then headed to meet my BFF for dinner at the Salty Pig.

Charcuterie, wine and cheese? FABULOUS! Perfect example of the greatness that has unfolded in Bean Town since I last left.

Speaking of what's new here this time around... Check out thew view from my office in my apartment...

Stephie's on Tremont and the Hancock Tower.

And in my office, I have built-in shelves... Which I am using to house my essentials...

The furniture arrives tomorrow at 10am. By the end of the day, I will have groceries and cable. Oh, and sushi from Douzo and wine.

All I need is The Husband, and I am all set.

Let the chaos begin!