Marc Jacobs Mickey Mouse Crop.

I am completely out of the loop.

I blinked... And a year in NYC went by. I moved into my Chelsea apartment during New York Fashion Week last Fall. And now, it's upon me again. Only I didn't realize it.

So I am completely behind in coverage and commentary on what's happening.

I did manage to catch the Marc Jacobs show online this evening. But I was late for it. I mean, since when does a Marc Jacobs show start on time? I pulled up the stream five minutes past the start time, and the final looks were walking out.

I mean, I have actually always been anal about being on time. It's my thing. No one shows up earlier than me. NO ONE!

But seriously, did punctuality actually come back into fashion? Along with mod and victorian looks? Manners and consideration are "in?"  In fashion, at least. (They've always been "in" with my friends.)

Here is the look getting the most buzz from the MJ show...

If I had the abs, I would absolutely rock this top. The skirt, not so much. The shoes, yes.