The "Sloth" Life.

One of my friends warned me before I started working from home after my move back to Boston that I would very easily fall into the trap of becoming a "sloth."

"It won't be your work habits," she said. "In fact, you'll find you are far more productive working from home."

No. What she said that I would likely become lazy about is my personal habits.

"Instead of getting up hours before you have to be there, getting showered and dressed, you'll just roll out of bed and begin your day in your PJs. And before you know it, an entire morning and afternoon have gone by before you realize you need to get dressed and leave the house."

She wasn't kidding.

This morning, I rolled out of bed at about 7:45am. I threw laundry in the washer and made my bed. I put my contacts on my eyeballs. But instead of showering and getting dressed, I ran downstairs to the cafe and picked up a cafe au lait and bagel with the innards stripped out. In my PJs.

And now, I am starting my day at my desk still in my PJs.

But this is my first full week working from home. So I am going to see how my habits develop naturally. Then I will develop some rules.