I Was In Need Of Some Booty(ies).

Gosh... I hadn't actually put much action into my Autumn/Winter 2012 wardrobe plans. Lots of "thought" had been given.  But actual purchasing of items? Not so much.

It's been a busy few months with work travel and work planning. So my life has been lived in jeans (which are all worn out now - Jean Therapy I MISS YOU!), Jimmy Choo flats (also all worn out) and Lululemon yoga pants.

In short, my life has been been a little "casual" in style. Casual but busy. And my "go-to" uniform for office days has been: 
  • Blazer
  • Jeans
  • Jimmy Choo Morse flats
  • Cute  "girlie" top
  • Funky necklace or bracelets 

But it has been pointed out to me that I am in a position where I could (and should) start to flex a more thoughtful sartorial muscle. So more attention needs to be put into wardrobe planning each day. Why not wear a dress? Why not wear heels? How about spending some time and actually fixing my hair, rather than just washing it and letting it dry in frizzy waves?

I've been "dialing it in" for far too long. So yesterday, I went in search for something I've been craving as a result of all the fashion reading I've done:


Well, actually BOOTIES!

I picked these little darlings up yesterday. They're Alexander Wang's "Kim" booties. My hope is that they are not named after the disaster that is "Kim Kardashian." But all the same, I still love them. They have a nice chunky heel that is easy to walk in on the streets of Boston. And they don't cling to my ankles, and instead are open and flare.

They're fantastic and look great with leggings or a dress. Pretty sure I'll wear the crap out of these soon enough too.