Plaid Refresh Coat.

I am in need of a winter coat. Preferably one where the buttons don't pop off every other week.

Winter coats have been a peeve of mine for about 12 years, since I moved out to the Northeast from Arizona.  I came out here "charmed' by the idea of "seasons." I genuinely looked forward to wearing a winter coat. The first one I bought was from Century 21 in Manhattan, across from the old World Trade Center. It was long, wool, black, had a low v-neck when buttoned and was lined with leopard print on the inside. It was sexy!

Whenever I wore it home to Arizona for the holidays, my younger brother would put it on and start singing the Back Street Boys' "I Want It That Way", pretending that he was Kevin from the group.

My family likes to make fun of me. (Notice how I said "likes." It continues. Only this time, they have the additional power of my husband to work against me. But I digress.)

Winter coats will last me quite a few seasons. The one I currently use I have been wearing since Fall of 2007. It is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Swing Coat. And I still love it. But now the lining has ripped... And well...

Those damn buttons.

You spend all this money on a fabulous coat, and no one has figured out a way to ensure the freaking buttons don't fall off! Every month I have to re-secure buttons. It's ridiculous!

So rather than investing in new buttons and new lining, I decided it is time for a new coat. But I am having trouble nailing down one I really love. The closest I have come is this one at Anthropologie...

It's the Plaid Refresh Coat. And it zips up the front, and then laps over with some buckles.

No buttons involved!

I'm not 100% sold on it yet. I need to see what else is out there. But so far, nothing is catching my eye. I even looked at Burberry and have been unimpressed, except for the coat I talked my friend Frogger into buying. It's the only Burberry one I would consider. But, she has it. And it's totally her anyway...  She has that sophisticated edge... Where as I am more Bohemian and quirky.

Maybe the Plaid Refresh Coat IS the one I should get?