Set Limits.

I was digging through a closet this weekend while home in Toronto. While sifting through the piles of clutter, I found my "Tool Kit for Writers."

It's a card deck with various motivational quips to help you unblock and get writing.

I brought it back to Boston with me this week, as I have been whining about all the clutter in my brain and issues with not having enough time. I am hoping it helps motivate me to write... Even if it's just a few words every day.

So it was incredibly appropriate that the first card I pulled out of the deck, as I sat down to write this evening, was the "Set Limits" card. (See above.)

The limit could be anything:

  • Number of words a day
  • Amount of time dedicated to writing
  • Refusing to dedicate more brain "space" and thoughts to a given topic

I haven't decided what I want the limit to be for me. I just want to write more. Write on this blog. Get back to other personal writing. I am thinking it needs to be centered around time, though.

Example: I will spend 30 minutes a day writing. No checking email. No answering the phone. No surfing the Internet.

Hoping this will make me more personally productive. I am all sorts of professionally productive.