The Afterlife Will Be Spent In Newport, Rhode Island.

I was at dinner last night with Frogger and Bail. It was a lovely dinner at Coppa Entoeca in the South End.
As we were catching up over the fabulous food and wine, Frogger was telling us about this article she saw in the Boston Globe about regional haunted hotels. One of the hotels listed was one that she had been to and loved - The Viking in Newport.

"The ghosts throw really awesome parties there," she said.

"Oh," I said. "This sounds like the place we need to agree to meet up at in the afterlife. Just like they did on LOST. Only instead of a boring old church where you wait for your friends to die and join you, we'll be in a bar partying."

"YES!" she agreed. "And they have a scotch bar! So it will be even better!"

Decision made. The Viking Hotel it is.  And it will be way cooler than LOST.