This Isn't Going To Be Cheap To Fix.

The Husband, Human, knows I don't like talking on the phone. We Skype every night, and I love that. But I haven't been much of a phone talker since I was a teenager.

So, given that he knows this, I know that when I see him calling me mid-day on a Monday that, "Something is up."

"Hey!" I wrote him in an email. "I'm on a conference call. I can't call you back. What's up?"

He responds by sending me the picture below...

For context... This is my living room ceiling in Toronto. It's typically beautiful with pot lights and gorgeous crown molding. But now there is a hole in it.

The hole came to be because a plumber ripped into the ceiling.

The plumber ripped into the ceiling because yesterday The Husband noticed "water marks" beginning to form on the ceiling.  And directly above our living room is our master suite bathroom.

Turns out the shower (which is also a steam room) is leaking into the ceiling. And we actually caught the problem early. So now we have to redo the shower in the master suite.

The Husband sees this as a headache and a painful cost.

I see this as an OPPORTUNITY!

We've both never been crazy about the tacky taste of the previous owners of our house. Over time, it has gotten to us in pieces. And the master suite bathroom is the perfect example. The tile of the shower (which is everywhere in it - floor to ceiling) was ugly. So now we get to spend part of this upcoming weekend picking new tile out.

And while we're at it, we're redoing the shower heads in there. I'm getting a rainfall one!

I think this is exciting. I am looking forward to it. I know The Husband will shift his attitude towards the whole thing over time. He just has to get over the cost.