This Wasn't A "Bill" I Was Expecting. But I'll Take It.

The Husband and I don't collect much mail. In either of our locations... Toronto or Boston.

In Boston, I don't ever get mail, except for junk mail, as I am registered for electronic billing. In Toronto, we get a few magazines (The Economist, Barrons and Elle Canada), as well a few bills quarterly (water, electric, cable). The only other mail we collect in Toronto is local realtors supplying us with their info in the event we ever want to sell our place. (Dream on, betches. Dream on.)

So, we rarely check the mail. Maybe once or twice a week. Because there is never anything urgent in it. And tonight, coming home from "date night" was one of the times this week it was checked.

I pulled out all the junk in there... Noticing there were no envelopes. So no bills. I was about to just trash it all when a piece of paper fell from the pile. An unusual piece of paper...

This is what it was. A $50 bill.

"Um, were you expecting one of the neighbors to drop off $50 for something?" I asked The Husband.

He stared at it. We don't usually carry around $50 bills, so we weren't sure it was real. But we looked at it and determined it was indeed legit.

"I'm not expecting any money from anyone," he said.

We determined that maybe someone dropped it in by mistake.  They may have been stuffing our mailbox (either the mailman or a person who distributes fliers) and dropped it in by mistake.

"We'll put it in our Money Corner," I said. "We aren't to use it. this is money the Universe has sent to us. It isn't meant to be spent on random crap."

The Husband understood. He knows first hand the "power" of the Money Corner. You don't eff with it. It is sacred.

I really hope whoever accidentally dropped it in doesn't need it. But I hope that whoever did gets credit for giving away money... And that it returns to them tenfold.