Day Four: Getting Into My Old Form.

I have hit a milestone. I went to Bikram FIVE TIMES this week.


That's more than I have gone in a single week since teacher training two years ago. I've decided that it is truly time to get serious about my practice again. So I decided to jump back into a 30 Day Bikram Yoga Challenge. And I am on Day Four...

Or so says my chalkboard wall with the challenge days written on it, waiting to be crossed off at the end of each class.

But the challenge isn't the only thing I have jumped back in to this week. I also went back to seeing a trainer at Equinox, my gym.  It's been three years since I saw a trainer or last properly trained. My core is very weak. My arms are actually stronger than they were three years ago... But they are far from toned.  My legs have maintained their strength... But overall, I lack tone. And the core is just completely shot. I went to the gym four times this week. I haven't done that in almost four years.

So I will be going to yoga every day till November 30th, and training twice a week, as well as hitting the gym on my own twice.

I am focused on getting strong again. Inside and out. Everything else that tries to get in my way, be damned.