Triangle Pose, Illustrated. Badly.

My mum gets worried when I don't post regularly.

"Everything okay? You haven't updated your bloggie thing for a while," she wrote.

On Common Ground is pretty much her, my husband's and the rest of the people who love me's window into my world.  I am shamed for not updating it much this month. But it's because I have been busy with work (what else is new?), a visit to Canada, and my Bikram yoga challenge.

My postures are really starting to open up and get back to where they were two years ago. My backbends are looking really good... And FEELING really good. But I did find myself getting a little cocky in Triangle pose last week in class in Toronto.

Allow me to illustrate...

To be fair to myself... I was pushing myself hard in this particular class. But my thighs weren't ready.  It is good to push yourself to see how hard you can work. But the studio I was practicing in didn't have carpet on the floor. So when I hit the ground with a "THUD!" falling BACKWARDS out of Triangle...  Well, I consider it "progress."

Sometimes you have to fall and get up and try again.

This challenge is almost over. I will get back to blogging later in the week. Perhaps sooner. Promise!