"You Gotta Do The Kachina Woman."

Ohh... Intriguing advice I received last week from my travel writer friend.

In December, I will be finally be fulfilling an adult-life dream and visiting Sedona. I was very intentional with the dates of my trip. I wanted to be there for December 21, 2012.  The Winter Solstice. The end of the Mayan Calendar. I wanted to be apart of the craziness and kookiness that I am sure will be in this red rock desert.

Plus, if the crazy people are correct and the world does indeed end, I want to be someplace beautiful and magnetic.

Speaking of "magnetic"... The place The Husband and I will be staying at, the Enchantment Resort, is attached to a spa (Mii Amo) that is located in a vortex. Specifically, it is located in the Boynton Canyon vortex. This vortex is considered to be the "heart" of Sedona (by some) and also considered the most "powerful" of the four vortexes located there. It is said to have equal male and female energy.

What's a vortex? In Sedona, they are a tourist attraction that are believed to contain a concentrated amount of energy swirling in them. People who visit them have a variety of things that they feel.. From tingling sensations, to feelings of peace, to visions... And I am sure visiting on the day of the solstice will make the things people say and feel even more EPIC.

I can't wait!

I plan to walk the vortex the morning on the 21st of December, and visit the Kachina Woman rock. In the afternoon, I will be having a Color Aura Therapy session, which comes highly recommended by my travel writer friend. The following day I have a whole Rites of Passage journey scheduled.  I'm trying to convince The Husband to indulge with me, but so far he just wants to go and relax at the gym and a hike. No spa treatments.

Talk about crazy.