Card Of Steel - The $450 Starbucks Card.

Most people who have had the pleasure to get to know me (ha!) can easily tell you that I am a loyalist of Starbucks.

Sure, I start my day with Nespresso... But I drink a fair amount of Starbucks as well. More than my share. The Husband often jokes that when I am not drinking a good amount from Starbucks, their stock goes down.

One of my crowning achievements for 2012 will be obtaining Gold status with my Starbucks app on the iPhone. (Sadly, it's really not that hard for anyone to achieve - but I like to pretend.) And I thought I was "the shit" with flashing my gold card each time I go in to show how "important" I am.

Well now, my gold card isn't going to mean a damn thing. Because a new "precious metal" just rolled into Starbucks town...

The Starbucks Steel Card!

When I received the email with the image above in it, inviting me to go to to buy the card, I honestly thought it read, "The most expensive Starbucks Card ever."

Which it is, indeed.

For $450, you get the card - which is etched steel - and $400 to spend at Starbucks.


But I'm not falling for it. As much as I would love to bust this thing out in hopes of receiving an approving look from the baristas at Starbucks, it is too indulgent. Especially since I already have Gold Membership.

But it looks bad ass.