Dream: Elevator To The 100th Floor.

One of the best parts about acupuncture, I feel, are the dreams that rise up in my sleep following a session.

In fact, when I sat down with the new acupuncturist this week - Doctor Angel - I told her one of the things I wanted to "work" on was my nocturnal thoughts.

"I really like the dreams I have after a session," I told her. "They're always wacky, vivid and insightful."

I first thought my confession, as silly as it was, would put her off. But nope. She didn't skip a beat. She understood. And wrote it down to work the points on the body that related to it. I was grateful.

"I haven't been able to quiet my mind at night for a great while," I told her. "Any help I can get would be great."

The first night after my session, I didn't have any vivid dreams. The second night  after was when I got attacked by the owl. I barely slept.  Last night, though... That's when the weird dreams kicked in again.

Oh how I've missed them!

In one dream, I am in an elevator. I am with a woman and a girl. We are ascending pretty high. As we get close to floor 80, we start to float a little, independently within the elevator. It freaks the woman and the girl out slightly. They pop out on the 80th floor. 
I continue upward and start to float even more. I hit floor 100, the top. I pop out. I am a little freaked out being so high. I walk into what it is a bookstore. I walk around, not looking at any books in particular... Just absorbing the energy of what's around me in the store. 
Then I realize I have to pee. 
Now, I often have dreams where I have to pee and am looking for a bathroom. I usually can't find a bathroom stall that is private enough for me to pee in though. So I just keep walking around. Eventually I wake up and have to pee myself. 
But this dream was different. I go straight to the bathroom and pee. And it's as though my subconscious knows how rare this is, because in the dream I acknowledge it... 
"Wow! I peed! And that was a long one too!"

(Sorry if my dreams are TMI for you.)

Then I wake up.

I went back to sleep and had a second dream. But the first one I remember more clearly.

Now, being someone who loves interpreting dreams... Either for myself or for others... What do I think this all means?

It means things are starting to wake up inside me. And I'll leave it at that.

I spent a good portion of the day in a sleepy trans. This despite sleeping for 11 hours last night. At one point today, someone asked me why I was "staring off in the distance."

"What are you focused on?" they asked.

I didn't really know how to explain it without sounding silly.

"Gee... I'm thinking about this dream I had last night and am trying to figure out what my mind is trying to tell me."

That just sounds stupid.  So I said I was thinking about nothing. And blamed it on my sleepiness.  No need to unload the obsessive garbage from my mind that won't shut off.

But I couldn't be more pleased with the fact that I am dreaming again. It's renewed hope.