Easily The Best Class I've Had In A While.

After November I ended, I didn't go to class for almost two full weeks.

GUILTY! Traveling got in the way.

When I went back on in the hot room this past Monday, I thought I was in for a real spanking.

"This is gonna be painful and make me want to puke," I thought.

But I got through class with minimal pain. I only sat out a few second sets.  I am still having that feeling of having anxiety weighing down on my shoulders.

Tuesday night was a great class. I fell asleep at the end of it. But throughout class, I could feel my body opening up. Especially in the spine. My back bends were so effortless. Even Standing Head to Knee wasn't that bad. I got in, I kicked out both sides and both sets. I fell out of each... But I at least got in and kicked out gracefully.

"This is progress!" I thought to myself.

Tonight, when I got to class, I decided to mix things up. I went to the other side of the room. The side that I have deemed "The Hot Zone." The air circulates a little less in that far left corner.But the room wasn't crowded, so I felt okay doing it.

Right away, opening breathing... My shoulders were moving smoothly. My hips stayed tight and stable. My neck was allowing me to push the chin back further. Half Moon pose...  My side bends and back bend were more graceful than they have been in over a year. And that back bed was so deep... I ACTUALLY SAW THE FLOOR!  Not the floor directly behind me, mind you. But the floor a few feet away. I haven't been there EVER in that posture!

Standing Head to Knee was not painful at all, as it has been in the past year and a half. I didn't want to vomit. And I kicked out, and fell out. But things were more graceful than even yesterday. And I did the entire spine-strengthening series... Though I felt my back muscles start to spasm (which is a good thing!) when I was flexing them in Cobra and Full Locust. And good lord! Bow pose! I actually did Bow pose! I never do that posture the right way... It always makes me want to puke!

So I am pleased.

Awesome classes like that... They makes me want to go back to teaching full time. ;)