Good Fortune.

I've been less overwhelmed on this visit home to Toronto this weekend. That is a good thing.

We don't always soothe each other, Toronto and I.

I realize I may be speaking too soon, as I have another full day and a morning left here before returning to Boston. But for now, it has been a pleasant trip.

The Husband and I ended our afternoon together with a date at a Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood (where we saw Drake!) We nibbled, neither of us really hungry. But as always, I smashed right into the fortune cookies at the end...

I love them both!

Though, I do feel like (lately) I am committing a large act of charity... And it isn't going a long way. Maybe this fortune is telling me I need to "dial it back"... And it will go further.

You know... The "less is more" attitude.

And if someone is interested in me, I wouldn't know. My eyes are only ever focused on what's directly beneath the lamp. They're damn near closed.