Have Faith That Spring Will Come. It Always Does.

I'm a bit of a weirdo in some ways.

I've been to a lot of spas... Have done all kinds of treatments over the years. Ranging from the really weird to the really "eww - that sounds gross" to the really beautiful.

The Weird Ones:

  • Third Eye Hot Oil Massage (in Rome - this one has a funny story that I've never shared. Maybe some day.)
  • Shamanic Reading (In NYC, in the Flatiron District. The Shaman sprayed Fire Water from his mouth onto me as I lay on a bed of pillows.)

The "Eww" Ones:

  • Colonics! (Yep. I've had this done TONS of times at a spa in Brookline, MA. It is actually not bad. Sounds way grosser than it is.)
  • Ear Candling (Done at a spa in Boston's South End. The stuff that comes out of your ear is soo gross!)

The Beautiful Ones:

  • My Session with psychic Maggie Garbarini (Three years ago at Miraval in Tucson)
  • Chakra Balancing (At The Boulders in Carefree, AZ five years ago)

Today, though, I had what is probably the most beautiful session I've ever had... The Aura-Soma Color Reading.

The session started with being asked to look at a wall of colorful glass bottles. There were over a hundred of them. I was told to just let my eyes get "soft" and see which ones jumped out at me. I was to choose four bottles, one at a time. Each bottle is numbered. But I couldn't see the numbers from where I was standing. I had to choose on color. So I chose, in this order:

Bottle 54 - A bottle that was clear.
Bottle 61 - A bottle that where the top half was a pale pink and the bottom half was a pale yellow.
Bottle 100 - A bottle that was clear on top and deep purple (or "magenta") on the bottom half.
Bottle 47 - A bottle that was royal blue on top and lemon yellow on the bottom half.

Each of the four positions you choose the bottles in represents something. The first bottle you choose represents who you are. The second bottle represents your potential. The third bottle represents your challenge. The fourth bottle represents your horizon - what's waiting for you.

The bottles are actually made of French crystal. The colors in them are mixtures of oils and water with essences. Because oils are lighter than water, they sit on top. This is why there are two colors appearing in the bottles.  Even in the first bottle. When I looked more closely, I could see that there was a clear oil on top.

I was then walked through each of the bottles, their meanings in terms of the colors and the order in which I chose them. I won't go into that though. But I will highlight the one thing my healer said to me at the end:

"Do you think the trees worry about holding on to the dead leaves? No. They release and let them go. They know that Winter is quiet and very needed. It is a rest. Have faith that Spring will come again, and things will bloom. Just like the trees."

This was said to me in relation to a change that I need. You may think, "Well, gosh! Your life is a constant flux, Heather! What change do you need on top of what you already have?"

Well...  While my life may be busy and taken me to multiple cities in recent years... It's only in the past year that I've really started to listen to what makes me happiest. I am the kind of person who keeps very busy. Then I'll make a huge change, and throw myself into being very busy. With this session, I was being told to, "Slow the hell down. Sit quiet for a little while and allow a state of balance to come forward."

"You're holding onto something that does nothing for you in return. You need to that Winter to allow the Spring to emerge from, and open you up. You are a healer and a teacher. You should be living in joy, and not misery. Don't be afraid. Have faith that Spring will come. It always does."