Introducing: Daryl Dixon.

I've talked about it for years. YEARS! And now, I finally did it.

Allow me to introduce you to "Daryl Dixon"... My five-string banjo...

Doesn't he look dapper on my yellow chair? Here is a closer view of him...

He is a Recording King banjo. 

He sounds beautiful, even though all I can do at this point is strum him. Later this week, I will log onto YouTube and start learning some rolls. In the new year, I will look for a teacher to take some lessons.

Here's a picture of his backside...

Isn't he just dreamy?

My best pal, Frogger, has asked that I learn how to play "It's Not Easy Being Green" by her birthday in late August. I told her I would try, as it was nine months away.

"Exactly. Nine months," she said.  "If a child can grow in nine months, you can learn a song."

That's logical.