No Expectations. Okay, "Limited" Expectations.

From the moment you are born, you have expectations.

You expect someone to feed you. Change your diapers. Hold you when you need it. Comfort you when you're crying. Listen to you when you babble. (I've spend a good part of today surrounded by babies.)

You grow older, your expectations change. And not always for the better. There are points in your life where you expect the negative. You anticipate it. You dwell on it potentially happening. You also have to deal with the expectations others have of you... And often, the expectations you think others have of you.

I've had a lot of expectations of myself. Especially in the past three years. And I've decided to surrender them for a little while. Because I finally accept something that I have struggled with very hard for the past few months:

You need a break from the heavy expectations. Even if for as little as a day.

While I was having my aura read in Sedona (for which I am still digesting the reading), my healer said to me, "You need to take a few weeks and do nothing. Sit still. Have no expectations. Sit in bed for two weeks and do nothing."

I looked at her completely confused. How can anyone do that?

"Is that even okay?" I asked her. "Is it okay for someone to just stay in and not do anything when they are perfectly fine otherwise?"

She looked at me confused.

"Yes," she said. "It is perfectly fine. How else can you hear what your mind is trying to tell you? You need stillness. And have no expectations. Find your natural rhythms and instincts."

It is far more easily said than actually done.

I mean, how often do we get the opportunity to have no expectations of us?  Even if we are lucky to be in a place where others limit or completely forgo their expectations of us for some time, how do we let go of the expectations we have of ourselves? How do we let ourselves be okay with that?

We can't easily turn off the expectations we have of ourselves. I know I can't, at least. But I am going to try to have "limited" or "as few as possible" expectations for myself. Soon, and for a period of time... To learn a little more about myself without the stimulus of the outside world.