Resolution 2013.

I can feel it. Twenty thirteen will be THE year I actually achieve all the things I resolve to do!


This is because this will be the year I actually put thought and plans together for each of the things on my list. Legitimate action plans!

But let's get right into it. Here is my list for this year...

Bikram 101
This one is happening. I am doing minimal travel in Q1, except to Toronto... Where I can easily keep up my practice. So come April 11th, this one will be checked off on the list. I am prioritizing this above everything else in my life for the first 101 days. (Well, above most things.)

Do One Pull-Up
Ambitious, given I have so little upper body strength. And certainly not enough to pull my current frame up. But it is something healthy to work toward. And it is going to take a lot of work! I only plan to do this by the end of 2013. So I have the whole year to prepare. And I'll make my trainer, "Camp", figure out a way to help me achieve it.

Spend More Time In Toronto
This I have to do. Collectively, I should be spending about five months of the year in Toronto. I don't actually have to worry about this until 2014 when my residential visa for Canada renews. Doing this would mean spending two weeks a month in Toronto. But for 2013, I would like to spend one week a month (8 days) up north.

Learn One Song On The Banjo
I already busted a string on Daryl Dixon. And I haven't even had time to learn how to play him. But by the end of the year, I will learn how to play one song. (Bring on the lessons!)

Make Room For Silence
Sometimes, you gotta pull the plug to get the silence you need... Not just turn the sound down or off.

Here's to 2013! May you have a safe night! And may your new year be promising and full of ambitious energy to carry you through!