Belly Conversations.

Hung out with two of my best gals, Frogger and Bail, tonight in Kendall Square at a lovely wine bar called Belly.

It's all about good wine and charcuterie... Which means I had a lovely pinot noir and lots of meat and some offal from the belly of animals. And from other parts of animals too. (Apologies, vegetarians!) But the Belly food wasn't the best part... It was most definitely the conversation. I hadn't been in the same room with both of these ladies in a good month (far too long, in my opinion), and when we get together... It can be quite the "nerdy one-liner" evening.

"I bet you anything... Bacon is better than cocaine."
-Said after eating a heavenly beef bacon with dehydrated egg yolk grated over the top. None of us have tried, nor have the desire to try, cocaine. But we'll totally try any piece of bacon waved in front of us. And we're willing to pay top dollar for it.

"Psychologists say that when people go on inhale-able steroids, they tend to 'blow up' their lives and just start making decisions."
-Directed at me, after telling them about my latest life decision.

"I know I am blowing up my life... But I promise you, I am not on steroids."
-Me, countering their argument about said life decision.

"And 'blowing up' one's life can be a good thing. It just means changing things and picking a new path."
-Said by me, as justification for said life decision.

"You must learn the difference between 'healthy crazy' and 'toxic crazy. And how quickly things can go from one version to the other."
-Said when talking about what led to said life decision.

"What 80s movie did you get this idea from?"
-Asked by the waitress when I ordered an espresso with a twist of lemon at the end of dinner.

Hell... Any of these could be a blog post on their own! So much could be delved in on each.

I would gladly go back to Belly Wine Bar anytime.