Bikram 101 Goals & Getting Past Mental Blocks.

As a result of having found my back bends in last night's class, I am setting up goals to work towards in my challenge.

Yes... Some have told me (including other teachers) that simply doing the challenge is crazy enough. But having actual goals on top of it? Well, they're needed, my friends.

As a result of crappy discipline since graduating from training two years ago, there are postures that I lost. Completely. Postures that used to be my best ones. Ones that would surprise you, had you known my practice three years ago when it was awesome...

  • Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee pose
  • Rabbit Pose
  • Eagle Pose
  • Head to Knee with Stretching

Pretty much any posture where I have to touch my forehead to my knee is gone. Like, really gone. I can't seem to get my forehead to the knee. And Eagle pose... It took me FIVE YEARS to get my legs to wrap. And once they did finally wrap (which started three years ago - briefly), I was able to sit very low. It was amazing. But now? I am nowhere close to getting them to wrap. Nowhere.

So, now that I am 10 classes into this challenge - and have my back bends back - I am setting up these goals to help me focus and push me deeper into my practice. It's not enough to just come to class everyday. For me, I need to get these postures in a better place. And it's going to take baby steps to get there.

GOALS: By End Of First 30 Days

  • Get forehead to touch in Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, on both sides. 
  • Wear shorts to class. (I stopped doing this about a year and a half ago.)
  • Start kicking out the right leg in Standing Head to Knee. (I only kick out on the right.)
  • Start sitting down in Toe Stand.
  • Stop sitting out postures. 

GOALS: By End Of 60 Days

  • Full expression in Rabbit.
  • Forehead touching in Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, on both sides, fingertips beyond the toes.
  • Holding Standing Bow the entire time, both sides.  
  • Balancing on fingertips in Toe Stand.
  • Staying in all postures the full time. (Especially Triangle, Balancing Stick, Second Part of Awkward pose.)

GOALS: By End of 101 Days

  • No water in class.
  • Staying in postures entire time.
  • Closer to locking out knee in Standing Bow.
  • Closer to seeing toes over head in Floor Bow.
  • Back leaning against the wall in Second Part of Awkward.
  • Body closer to being sandwiched in Half Moon with Hands to Feet.
  • Full expression of Eagle pose.

These all may seem overly ambitious. But the reality is: My Body Has Been There Before.  Everything listed above, I had in my practice three years ago. The body remembers... And it's more just getting past my mental blocks to get back to there.

This time, though, post challenge... I won't "take a break" and give up on my practice for a few weeks. I'll keep a nice steady pace of four to five times a week.