Boxed Wine - It's Pretty Effin' Awesome.

I wrote earlier this week about how I like wine... But am no wine expert. So I had now reservations about venturing into this new thing that showed up at the 570 Market downstairs...

Bota Box wine!!!

This was my dinner tonight.  THE DINNER OF WINNERS!!! Peanut butter from a spoon and a glass of Bota Box Shiraz.

And damnit... If it wasn't just absolutely yummy and totally hit the spot!

The peanut butter aside... The wine is pretty awesome. And it will keep in the sealed box (which has a spout your pour it from) long enough for me to actually finish it... As I have a bad habit of buying wine bottle and never drinking them quickly enough to finish them.

(I fail at being the middle-aged drunkard female. Bridget Jones and Samantha Jones would be greatly disappointed in me.)