Christian Grey Has Returned.


I LOATHE the Fifty Shades of Grey series. I couldn't understand the appeal. It's complete crap... Crap writing. Crap sex scenes. Crap characters. The only thing even remotely cool about the series is that it takes place in Seattle. (And Seattle rocks!)

So why am I bringing it up?

Because I have a grey problem that has returned. A furry teeny little four-footed grey problem.  My mouse is back in the apartment.  EEK!

As with all un-welcome critters that come into my life, I give them names. I have two critters that run amok in my back garden in Toronto:

  • Hector the Squirrel who likes to break my flowerpots and dig in the flowerbeds after we've planted our late Spring Impatiens.
  • Gary the Raccoon who is not afraid of us one bit. The first time he was spotted was by The Husband in out garden tool closet. The Husband went in there to put something away and noticed some tools on the ground. He looked at them and wondered how they had gotten there. Then he heard something shuffle above his head on a shelf. He looked up and found himself 12 inches away from Gary! Gary likes to play mostly in our back garden in the middle of the night during the Summer. He is loud.

But that's all in Toronto. In Boston, I have the mouse... And because of his color and annoying plotting to get into my pants -- I mean get into my garbage can --  I have named him "Christian Grey."

Yesterday afternoon, I took a conference call for work... But after being dialed in for exactly 14 minutes and 30 seconds, no one else dialed in and the system kicked me off the call. So I decided to lay down and take a quick nap before yoga. But i was disturbed...

I was woken out of my rest by the sound of squealing and rustling in the garbage form the kitchen!

I jumped up, put on some shoes and went in there... The little bastard scurried under the stove. And refused to come back out.

I am considering getting a cat... But I haven't read the rest of the 50 Shades series... Who is Christian Grey's nemesis? Does he have one?