Day 14: And The Tears Flow.

Well... Not so much "flow." But they did come out, starting in the Spine Strengthening series. And then kicked in a little more as I forced myself to get through Camel pose.

Messing with the spine can always bring out emotions. Good, Bad and Sad. There's so much that is held in the spine... It is a pathway in our bodies. And when you flex it, bend it, compress it, decompress it... All in the span of a few minutes... Stuff is going to start you shoot out! And tonight, it was frustration and sadness.

I was actually surprised I was able to get through the Spine Strengthening series... I had a kick ass Standing series. Then I went to lay down on my mat for Savasana... I took a swig of water and swallowed. And that's when I felt something "off."

It was a sharp pain on my right side, near where the liver is located, only on the back. It felt like someone had sliced through some energy I had there, and it snapped. I was in pain and couldn't breathe for a few seconds. The teacher, a pal. came over and was like, "Oh gosh! What's wrong?" I told her I'd be fine, and that it felt like a muscle spasm.

But it most certainly did not.

The pain went away by the end of Pavanamuktasana. And I was able to do sit-ups and back bends. But  I felt some raw emotions coming out.

It's all part of the yoga journey in these challenges. You start to hear what's important to you. I never listen to myself, so it's a bit eyeopening for me. And sometimes rough to hear.