Dream: Crazy Driving.

Oh wow. The mind is releasing all the pent up feelings I've been dealing with over the past while.

Last night, I had a strange dream...

I'm at a house. A house that has some crazy people in it. I'm trying to get two people out of the house without someone specific in the house noticing. I get one person into a tiny car. I have to scream at the other person to "hurry the hell up" and get in the car. They're kind of spacey... And are carrying luggage with them. I help them get it into the trunk and into the car.  I get in and start to drive.  
But the car is small. And surprisingly difficult navigate in the city I am driving. I turn into one small area... And have to turn the car around... But I am being blocked by other cars from doing it. So instead, I driver up onto a curb and through a spice market on the sidewalk. Men at the spice market are looking at me like, "What the eff?" I just shrug my shoulders and keep driving.

I didn't even apologize for that. So unlike me.

Talk about a crazy dream!

Driving a car in your dreams represents your pace in life. How you are navigating things.  If you can't see where you are going, it means you have lost perspective. To take control and

The house represents the self or the soul, usually. The house in this dream was very slick-looking. And not appealing to me at all. Which is why I wanted out of it.

The passengers I had in the car represent me spending too much energy and time on others where nothing is being given back.

A market represents a need or fulfillment. Spice represents needing variety. A sidewalk represents a steady path.

Seriously, folks... Dreams are awesome.