Dream: Pool, Dolphin, Orca.

As I went to bed last night, I told myself...

"I have a decision to make. Subconscious... Send me a sign in my dreams to tell me which direction I should go for now."

I do this all the time. It never seems to work.  (Wah. Wah. Wah.) Most of the time I won't even recall my dream. But with last night, I did. But I can't figure out what it means!

I dreamt I was in a swimming pool.  This happens often - dreaming of being in pools. And in each dream, I am never underwater swimming.  My head is always out of the water. There was a dolphin in this pool, as well as an orca whale. And trees growing out of the pool. I sensed that the orca wanted to come for me.  So did the dolphin. So the dolphin used some kind of magnetic sensory to attract the orca away from me as I swam to get out of the pool.

When I woke up - and still, now - I had no idea how to interpret the dream.

Being in a pool can represent two things:
  • Needing to take a break.
  • Or acknowledging one's feelings.
Or it could mean both. I was swimming in a pool that didn't seem deep, despite an orca and a dolphin being there. At times, I could touch the bottom with my feet.

The trees in the pool could represent used up energy. In my dream, they were bare trees... But had a golden hue to them.  

The gold color represents spirituality... Or reward.

The dolphin also represents spirituality. Specifically, spiritual guidance. Encouraging one to move forward and up in life.

The orca can represent distrust. It can also represent a need to vocalize something.

A magnet represents negative forces.

Okay... So I think I know what the dream is telling me. I'm just to chicken to actually go the path it's telling me to.