"I Didn't Know There Were Baggage Fees..."


The Bikram yoga room is supposed to be a "silent" room. No students talking. No students breathing loudly beyond Pranayama. No noise. Just the teacher reciting dialogue and watching bodies. But occasionally, a student speaks up... And it's funny.

It was brutally hot in the room tonight. We were packed into the top floor practice room. Surprisingly, no one was new or in their first week. So it was at least slightly seasoned practitioners stuffed like sardines. Were exhausted by the time the floor series hit. And in Poorna Salabhasana, Full Locust, we were limp. Sloppy arms.

But the teacher kept energizing us. Or trying to.

"You're flying! You are that 747 taking off! Higher!"

But we fell out at "Change," and sank into the floor. The teacher laughed at us.  And then we heard a voice from the left side of the room.

"I didn't know there were going to be baggage fees on this flight!"

I laughed out loud. I do that.

The teacher was confused and smiled. "What was that?"

"He said he 'didn't know there were baggage fees for this flight," I said.

She laughed too.

We WERE carrying a lot of "baggage" in that flight. We were lucky there weren't BIGGER fees for the baggage we were carrying around.

I am SO going to use that line the next time I teach class, if I have heavy breathers coming out of that posture.