I Got "Cut Off" From Water.

I've never been cut off in my life. In university, I bartended for a few years and was ruthless with cutting people off when I thought they'd had too much. But I'd never been cut off myself. Till tonight.

Only it wasn't from alcohol. It was from water.

Day 23 of the Bikram 101 challenge was tough mentally. I wasn't thirsty in class... But I think that's because I was well-hydrated beforehand. And, I put lemon and sea salt (just a pinch!) in my water for class. This is what I did at training to provide a more natural form of electrolyte. And when I have it in my water, I am less inclined to just gulp it down. But after class, when I switch back to regular water...


I start chugging and chugging and chugging. I took in 20 ounces of my electrolyte water during class. After class, I took in another 20 ounces of plain water.  Plus a 17 ounce coconut water. Then I got to the gym to shower before heading out to dinner with Frogger, and took in another 10 ounces.

So, if you add it up, that's 47 ounces post-class. And that's when my belly started to feel really "blah."

Then I got to dinner.

As soon as I sat down, I started to gulp the glass of water waiting for me at the table. I got halfway through it, and Frogger cut me off...

"No," she said. "No regular water for you. Here, drink this."

She gave me some sparkling water, knowing it would slow me down. Or so she thought. I chugged it back too.

Since class, in total, I have gulped down about 70 ounces of water. Plus a glass of pinot noir. And though I realize it's probably TMI... I haven't peed yet.

That's right. I haven't peed since before class. Nearly give hours ago.

Oh yes... I am retaining water. No doubt. No doubt.