iTunes Cloud: Reliving My Download Shame.

Have you downloaded the latest version of iTunes?

I did. A couple of weeks ago. And I noticed that things were looking different. But I didn't have time to poke around and see what had changed. I did notice, as I was leaving for Sedona, that movies I had purchased years ago on my original Mac had appeared in my iTunes library. I thought they were long gone, because I had never moved them over to the newer Macs I have since gotten.

"YES!" I screeched. "I have the original Sabrina AND Ratatouille back!"

(Small victories, people. I am a simple woman. Sometimes.)

I was excited, as I would now have more moves to watch on my long flights over the holidays. But I didn't pay attention to what this could mean for the rest of my iTunes library.... All my lost music.

Back about nine years ago, I received my first iPod.  It was months before I got married, and being the control freak I am... I decided I would put together various playlists on my iPod and hook it up to speakers... Rather than hiring a DJ. (I am frugal with some things. And hate most DJs.)

I spent the months leading up to the July wedding putting together playlists for cocktail hour... Dinner hour... Dancing... Late night pizza party... A lot of money and thought went into these lists.  Especially the dinner hour list. I went with jazzy classics... To keep the background music during our five-course dinner snappy and fun... But not distracting.

There was lots of Frank Sinatra. Louis Armstrong. Ella Fitzgerald. Etta James. Diana Krall. Dean Martin. Henry Mancini. Nat King Cole. Nora Jones. Stevie Wonder. Air Supply. (SHUT YOUR FACE! YOU KNOW YOU LIKE THEM TOO!)


But shortly after the wedding, my iPod died. As did my computer. And I couldn't figure how to download the music to the new iPod I went and bought. So I sucked it up and bought what I wanted to replace.

But with the new iTunes... My whole purchase history is there! And everything I have ever bought is in the Cloud!!!

This has both its PROs and CONs.


  • I have all of my wedding music back.
  • I have every piece of Christmas music I downloaded.
  • Wonderful tunes I had long forgotten about are now in there!
  • The Foundations!
  • The Five Stairsteps!
  • Blondie!

My purchase history is quite shameful...

  • Mel C. (Sporty Spice) - I have two of her songs!
  • When the EFF did I download Ashley Simpson??? Ditto on the Hillary Duff.
  • I KNOW I am not responsible for Loverboy's "Working for the Weekend." (The Husband gets credit for that.)
  • I won way more NSYNC than I thought I did.

Oh the shame!

Thanks for making me feel like I am flipping through my high school yearbooks and reliving my style shame, iTunes!