Planning A Vacation: It Shouldn't Be This Difficult.

As we entered into 2013, The Husband I decided that we were going to start to design our own life. I've never been much of a conventional person (my whole family would attest that I march to beat of my own drum... And it's rarely a steady rhythm), and am always looking to make my life more interesting than it was the day before.

So we decided that we were going to both live across two cities. Not just me. Both of us.

When someone asks me where I live, I say, "I live mostly here in Boston, but I also live in Toronto. I split my time between the two."

Had you asked The Husband that question last year, he would say he just lives in Toronto. But now, he will be spending more time at the Boston residence. And this means he will say that he too lives in Toronto and Boston. SUCCESS!

But working/living between the two cities does make it more difficult to plan an actual vacation. Not just with each other... But with friends too. Frogger has tried to nail me down for a few trips in Q1, to no success. And now, The Husband and I are trying to nail down time for a getaway in mid-April... But are having no luck.

What's the hold-up?

Coordinating flights and schedules!

We know we want to go to the Caribbean. Specifically, we would like to go to Providenciales, like we do every year. However, there seems to be a lack of direct flights to and from the island.  There used to be direct flights from Boston. But there appear to be very few now, and really none when we are looking to go... Which means we would have to do connections. There are some from Toronto, but only a few times a week. And when we are only looking for a quick getaway. We want to stay three or four nights at max. Not seven days.

The Husband needs the vacation more than I do. He goes crazy in the winter, so getting him someplace warm by mid-April at the latest is ideal. Me? I could wait to go till mid-May, when prices drop and everything is much cheaper.

Like ridiculously cheap.

I'll keep plugging away, trying to find a way to make this work. But I may have to send him on a vacation by himself... Just for his sanity and a break from the Winter.

"No Sun and no warm weather makes Human GO CRAZY!"

I managed to make it work! Got us booked for four days away to Providenciales... A quick trip. But that's all we really need. VICTORY!