Pray Tell, What Are We Going To Do About Edith?


I know many people were wrapped up watching the Golden Globes this week that they didn't watch Downton Abbey on Sunday night. But it's been a few days now, so I am hoping most have caught up on the major shiz that went down this week on the DA... So apologies if you have not, but I have to talk about it. (Or rather, write about it.)

People... What are we going to do with Lady Edith Crawley?

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Season 1, we saw Edith's jealousy over an arranged marriage for her sister with her love (Patrick Crawley - who ends up dying aboard the Titanic) flare from the first few episodes. One could argue that Edith is ahead of her time, and not accepting of the formalities of society in that time period... But her revenge on her sister Mary for going along with the arranged marriage out of custom is just plain bitch-tastic. (Recall: She rats Mary out to the Turkish embassy for sleeping with their hot ambassador, and then having him die in her bed. Mary, you minx!) She also throws herself at her sister Mary's new marriage prospect, Matthew Crawley. But he denies her.

Mary gets her revenge, though. She ruins a marriage prospect for Edith. Lesson learned: Don't eff with Lady Mary. The betch will cut you, Edith.

So season 2 starts... And Lady Edith learns to drive. (See what I mean! She is a woman ahead of her time! Women's lib!!!) She finds purpose working on a farm, where she ends up sharing a kiss with the owner. This does not sit well with his wife. And she is asked to leave.

So she shifts and finds purpose in helping take care of soldiers from WWI in the Abbey, which has been made into a makeshift hospital. She comes across a soldier who she believes to be her lost love, Patrick. The soldier strings her along, recovers, then leaves her a note saying it's all too 'difficult.'"

Betch, denied again.

Then she goes onto try to aggressively woo an old guy with a bum arm, as a result of WWI. He's flattered, but not truly interested. And denies her affection.

Begs the questions...
"What is with Lady Edith throwing herself at men who are unavailable? Why can't she find a nice available chap? Or, why does she even need a chap?"

But then season 3 starts... And again we see Edith throwing herself at the old guy. Mary gets married to Matthew in the first episode. Edith makes mention of how she is the "spinster sister". Her parents worry about her, but don't want her to be serious with the old guy.

But we know Edith quite well now, and we know she is going to fight like mad hell to get what she wants. We also know, based on watching her success rate, that she will fail.

Edith gets the old guy to agree to marry her. A wedding is planned, though less opulent than Mary's - as Lord Grantham has now lost a good chunk of his fortune to bad investments. (Sorry Edith, you'll never be as worthy of luck as Mary.) But Edith doesn't care. She is just so happy to finally be the "star." Edith walks down the aisle of the church to her waiting old man groom... Only to have him jilt her right at the alter.

Right. At. The. Alter.

And right in front of EVERYONE!

Oh dear Edith... Just realize where your true calling is: Being a strong independent woman!

You don't need a man!  And clearly, fate doesn't want you to have one!  Listen to your heart and go after the happiness and fulfillment of being curious and wanting to help people.

It's like that for everyone in life, really...

Pursue happiness, and everything else will indeed fall into place. Don't let your happiness be dependent on another person. If they're meant to be in your life, they will be.